7″ PTZ with Starlight: BO-HD8518A-LC-5MP


360° Rotation:

Consists of a high speed ball and positioning unit, which allows for stable and continuous functionality while engaged in high speed movement. The camera is capable of complete monitoring with no blind spots making it safe and reliable.

Auto Tracking:

When an object enters the surveillance area, the Boxin PTZ Camera will lock on to the target and track its movement throughout the monitored area.

Selective orientation:

Our selective orientation system increases camera intelligence, making it easier to capture image of the target object. Once the operator circles the object manually on the monitor, the camera will auto focus on it and follow the object.

The zooming core produces clear images no matter the environment:

Boxin lenses can zoom in on small or large objects, balance colours and grey scales, optimize back-light compensation, switch between day and night mode automatically, and rotate the camera 360° either on demand or perpetually.

Parameter Ref:
Dimension (mm)220×380
Sensor1/1.8" 2.0M Pixel Sony IMX185 CMOS
Effective Pixels5 MegaPixel 2592×1944@30fps
Shutter1/2 - 1/20,000s,Support slow shutter
Day & night conversion modeAutomatic ICR filter color to black, fixed black and white, fixed color, external control
Dynamic Range100dB
Minimum Illumination0.005Lux@F1.2 colour,0.001Lux@F1.2 black & white
White BalanceAutomatic, indoor, outdoor, sodium lamp white balance, manual
Backlight CompensationSupport
Gain controlAutomatic / manual
Digital noisy3D denoise
Privacy protectionSupport 3D privacy area, the same screen can be set to 4 privacy areas
Camera Lens
Horizontal field of view54.9°-5.7°(Wide angle - telephoto)
Optical magnificationX 18
Number of AperturesF1.5~F1.9
Compression Standard
Video compression standardH.265 Main Profile/H.264 Main profile/M-JPEG
Compression output ratio32 Kbps~10Mbps
Audio compression ratioG711,PCM
Maximium image size2592×1944
Frame rate50Hz:25fps (2592×1944, 2560×1536, 2048×1536,1920×1080,1280×960,1280×720), 50fps (1920×1080,1280×960,1280×720) ; 60Hz: 30fps(2592×1944, 2560×1536, 2048×1536,1920×1080,1280×960,1280×720), 60fps (1920×1080,1280×960,1280×720)
ImagesAdustable corridor mode, saturability, brightness, contrast and acutance through client side or brower
Backlight compensationOption of selecting area
Area of interestYes
Infrared function
Infrared irradiate length120 meters
Infrared switch4 modes: automatic mode, normally-on mode, normally-off mode, timing mode
Infrared thresholdThe user can change the threshold of the IR light switch according to the environmental conditions
Horizontal range360° spin
Horizontal speed0.05°~280°/S, Speed can be set
Vertical range-5°~90°(Automatically flip)
Vertical speed0.05°~180°/S,Speed can be set
Number of preset points254 points
Cruise scan5, each one can be added 16 preset points
Tracking functionTracking zoom, tracking dwell time, timing tracking and so on
Track the scene4 sets of tracking scenes can be set
Automatic trackingImage analysis technology, automatic search and tracking of moving targets
Timing function7 days per week 8 time intervals automatically set all the function settings
Network Functions
MemorySupport Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC(128G) offnet lockity memory,NAS(NFS,SMB/CIFS)
Interface Protocol"ONVIF2.4 GB28181"
Intelligent alarmMotion detection, dynamic analysis, shelter alarming, disconnect network alarm, IP address conflict, storage full, storage fault, cross border detection, district intrude detection