BJYT Motorised Rotating Camera

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260° Rotation:

Omni bearing monitor without any blind angle, standard level; 260° continuous rotation vertical direction : 10° – 55°

Features multi pre-set surveillance areas:

Customers can program a personalized surveillance pattern which the camera follows, reducing the need for manual operation.

Save on cost – one camera is equivalent to approx 10 – 12 fixed focus cameras:

In case a large space need to be monitored. You only need a small number of positioning unit cameras, to instead of a number of fixed cameras. Positioning unit cameras provide better value relative to their general camera counterparts.


Parameter Ref:
Dimension (mm)L 220mm ×W 92mm × H 178mm
Sensor1/2.8” 2.0M Pixel Sony IMX291 CMOS
Shutter1/5 - 1/20,000s
Day & night conversion modeAuto ICR filter color to black & white
Dynamic Range100dB
Minimum Illumination0.005Lux@F1.2colour,0.001Lux@F1.2black & white
White BalanceAutomatic, automatic tracking white balance, indoor, outdoor, fluorescent white balance, sodium lamp white balance, manual
Backlight CompensationSupport
Digital noisy1
Camera Lens
Horizontal field of view105°~30°(Wide angle - telephoto)
Number of AperturesF1/F1.4(two types of lens)
Compression Standard
Video compression standardG711,PCM
Compression output ratio32 Kbps~10Mbps
Audio compression ratioG711,PCM
Maximium image size1920×1080
Frame rate" 50Hz: 25fps (1920 × 1080,1280 × 960,1280 × 720) 60Hz: 30fps (1920 × 1080,1280 × 960,1280 × 720)"
ImagesAdustable corridor mode, saturability, brightness, contrast and acutance through client side or brower
Backlight compensationOption of selecting area
Area of interestROI Support dual stream, setting 1 fixed field respectively
Infrared function
Infrared irradiate lengthMaximium 80 meters
Infrared switchExtensible WIFI, 4G module
Infrared threshold1 line 10/100 BaseT ethernet,RJ45 interface
Horizontal range250° spin
Horizontal speed0.5°~15°/S
Vertical range-10°~55°Rotate
Vertical speed0.5°~10°/S
Number of preset points16
Cruise scan1
Network Functions
MemorySupport Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC(128G) offnet lockity memory,NAS(NFS,SMB/CIFS)
Interface Protocol"ONVIF2.4 GB28181 (Independent customization)"
Intelligent alarmMotion detection, dynamic analysis, shelter alarming, disconnect network alarm, IP address conflict, storage full, storage fault, cross border detection, district intrude detection